After delivering a Proof of Concept in late 2021, stakeholders, including changemakers, funders, grants management system and data platform providers, collaborated to co-create the PDC pilot. 

Pilot 2022 Key Goals

By demonstrating both end-to-end data and transaction flows with involved parties (funders, organizations seeking grants, GMS vendors, and infomediaries) and collaborative governance of the data sharing model, we will deliver the tangible benefits for the philanthropic sector (the PDC value propositions).

There are two parallel tracks to the PDC pilot:

Pilot 2022 Participants

In order to test the hypothesis, the pilot brings together changemakers (organizations receiving grants), funders, GMS vendors, and data platform providers to pilot an actual grant cycle. Through this pilot, a group of funders will conduct their grant making – real funding requirements, real applications, and real grant decisions – with the PDC. Pilot participants are working with the PDC team around folding consent, opt-in language, and timing around sending and receiving secondary data from the PDC across the pilot timeline.

A key element of PDC is collaborative governance, which is the purposeful structural & procedural configuration of people, data, and technology to achieve a collective goal in a responsible, secure, and sustainable manner.

Collaborative governance is founded on principles that emphasize and support equity, inclusivity, sustainability, and respect, including:

  • Collective prioritization and decision making
  • Ownership & control over one’s data, resources, and staff
  • Inclusivity of opinions and participation, regardless of systems, status, or capacities
  • Eliminating privacy and technical barriers to data and knowledge sharing, integration, and use
  • Sustainable governance, infrastructure, and relationships to alleviate administrative burden, leverage today’s trust and agreements for tomorrow goals and challenges
  • Emphasis on community-building, sharing, and individual and collective growth

Future Use Cases

With the PDC vision and infrastructure as a base, there are many future opportunities to tackle other sector challenges:
  • Common reporting
  • Funder search
  • Nonprofit and organization search
  • Application builder
  • Additional connections to other related sector efforts
  • Other areas for transparency (e.g. grantmaking calendars, etc.)
  • And more!
Join us! Please send additional questions and ideas our way.